Hamburg attractions

The CHOCOVERSUM by HACHEZ is located in the heart of Hamburg and near to many other sights. Combine your visit to the CHOCOVERSUM with other Hamburg attractions. We've compiled a list of a few exciting highlights near us.

UNESCO world heritage: Kontorhausviertel and Chilehaus

The south-eastern area of the city center is known as the "Kontorhaus" district. It was the first purely office-based quarter in Europe. The district's most famous building is the Chilehaus, which is located across from the CHOCOVERSUM. It was built in 1922-1924 by architect Fritz Högar in brick-expressionism style. With a total of ten stories, the building was one of the first high-rise buildings in Germany. "Kontorhaus" district and "Speichertsadt" district were recently turned into a UNESCO world heritage site.


The CHOCOVERSUM is located next to the former customs channel (Zollkanal) of the "Speicherstadt", which is the historic warehouse district. Its red brick buildings once housed wares from all over the world such as coffee, spices, tea, and cacao beans. The Speicherstadt was built between 1883 and 1928 as a way to get around the customs rules of the time, creating a customs free warehouse and trade zone on the outskirts of the city. The last raw cocoa left the Speicherstadt in 2002 due to the change in the free-harbor borders. Today, the largest warehouse district in the world is seeing new life as the empty warehouse spaces are being redeveloped into shops and museums, giving the Speicherstadt a wonderfully unique atmosphere.


Hamburg's youngest district is only a distance of 5 walking minutes away from the CHOCOVERSUM. The HafenCity is currently the largest Development project in Europe, hosting space for 45,000 jobs and 12,000 residents. Impressive buildings line the ten kilometres of promenade space. The most famous building of the district is the spectacular Elb Philharmonic Hall. This future emblem of Hamburg has a planned opening date in January 2017.


Hamburg is well-known for its shopping facilities. One of the most popular shopping streets in Hamburg is the Mönkebergstraße; a five minute walk from the CHOCOVERSUM. This street runs from the Hamburg Central Station in the direction of the Hamburg City Hall and is home to numerous shopping arcades and shops. There are, in total, 26 shopping streets in central Hamburg.

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Elbe Erlebnistörns - Harbor boat trips & tours

The crew from the Elbe Erlebnistörns will show you the most exciting and beautiful places in the Hamburg harbor and Speicherstadt. Daily tours starting from the St. Pauli pier., phone: +49 40-21 94 627
Your benefits: Showing your CHOCOVERSUM entrance ticket when you buy a tour will give you a 20% discount on one Harbor tour.


Hamburg City Sailing

Welcome on board! Discover, experience, and enjoy Hamburg with an experienced Alster-Skipper under white sails on the Alster. Suitable for pairs, groups, and families., phone: +49 40-36 16 32 17
Your benefits: You are able to book a combination tour with the CHOCOVERSUM and sailing trip.


Hamburg Dungeon

You may participate in a haunted show at the Speicherstadt where the gruesome history of Hamburg will come to life., phone: +49 40-36 00 55 20
Your benefits: Showing your CHOCOVERSUM entrance ticket when you buy a ticket will give you 8,00 EUR discount.


Kölln Haferland

Only a 5 minutes walk from CHOCOVERSUM this store and cafe by "Kölln Flocken" will convince you that muesli is more than just breakfast., Tel. 040 329 089 81
Your benefits: Showing your CHOCOVERSUM entrance ticket will give you a 10% discount on a self mixed muesli.

SPICY´S -  The Spice Museum

This aroma oasis has allured its visitors into the Speicherstadt for more than 20 years. You will learn exciting and bizarre facts about the harvest, processing, usage, and quality of all kinds of spices., phone: +49 40-36 79 89
Your benefits: You may discover the CHOCOVERSUM and Spicy's together with the arrangement "Sweet & Spicy".

Zweiradperle Hamburg

Here you find a connection of indulgence and bike cult. Zweiradperle is a bike rental outlet, café, and city guide in one., phone: +49 40-30 37 34 74
Our tip: the city bike tour "Tour de Gourmet" will lead athletic bon vivants into the most delicious corners of the city.