Chocolate manufactory since 1890

HACHEZ lovers have being wanting to know where their favourite chocolate originates from for a long time. However, due to reasons of hygiene and safety, tours of the manufacturing plant in Bremen are not possible. Since 2011, the CHOCOVERSUM has shown visitors what HACHEZ stands for: production of quality chocolate in the traditional way. The Belgian chocolatier Joseph Emile Hachez founded the chocolate factory in 1890 and since then, his original recipes and processes have survived and are used to this day. Modern technology is only used where manual processing by hand offers no advantage. HACHEZ is one of the few chocolate manufacturers in Germany that still carries out all manufacturing processes under one roof. From the cleaning and roasting of the cacao beans to the forming and packaging of the chocolate. About 100 hours of work are put into every cocoa bean which leaves the factory in Bremen as chocolate. The CHOCOVERSUM shows the tradition and the attention to detail, which is practiced in the HACHEZ chocolate factory in Bremen by over 350 employees on a daily basis.

Company history

In 1890, the Belgian chocolatier Joseph Emile Hachez founded the HACHEZ Chocolate company, in the time of industrialisation and first cable cars in Bremen. Thirty years later, Otto Hasse joined the company as a partner and later became the sole owner of HACHEZ for many years. Hasse gave 50 percent of the company shares to the sugar refinery Tangermünde after the Second World War to enable the reconstruction of the factory which had been totally destroyed.In 1990 the Bremen businessman Hasso G. Nauck joined the company as Managing Director and two years later Wolf Kropp-Büttner arrived as his deputy. In the year 2000, Nauck and Kropp-Büttner took over all shares and twelve years later sold them to the Danish company TOMS. Today Matrin T. Haagensen, the current managing director, continues with tradition of artistry and workmanship which defines HACHEZ.


It is not only tradition and quality that distinguishes HACHEZ, but also social responsibility. This commitment goes far beyond guaranteeing fair prices. HACHEZ, for example, does not import cacao from lands such as the Ivory Coast, which has a large problem with child labor. HACHEZ also supports the environmentally friendly and sustainable cultivation of the ingredients used in its chocolates and supports the Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) as well as its associate international organizations to help solve these shared problems.