group bookings:
Yana Goebel

phone: +49 40 - 41 91 23 00

Life is like a chocolate that you enjoy piece by piece and savour slowly.

Managing director:
Stephanie Schaub

phone: +49 40 - 41 91 23 010

Strength is the ability to break a bar of chocolate into four parts - and then only eat one of them.

concepts and events:
Irit-Marie Lenz

phone: +49 40 - 41 91 23 016

Life without chocolate is like an ocean without water.

marketing, sales, PR:
Ulrike Albrecht

phone: +49 40 - 41 91 23 011

Because a day without chocolate is a lost day.

ticketing and shop:
Sandra von Bargen


Studies show that 14 out of 10 people like chocolate.

exhibition management
Anne Stribeck


For a tasty piece of chocolate I might put down my cup of cocoa.

Customer Service:
More than 40 employees make sure that you are warmly welcomed at the front desk, experience an exciting tour, and find all you need in our shop.

Wissenswelten Management GmbH
As a subsidiary of "Erlebniskontor GmbH" Wissenswelten Management GmbH is responsible for the management of the CHOCOVERSUM by HACHEZ. Wissenswelten offers consulting services in the following areas: organization management and operation, marketing, personnel planning and training, pre-opening test runs, as well as the planning, organisation, and execution of special events and programmes. Find more information here >>

Erlebniskontor GmbH
The Erlebniskontor GmbH is a consulting and creative agency which develops exhibition- and location concepts, feasibility studies, as well as educational programmes and marketing strategies. Aside from project development, the leisure specialists support the implementation of theme and knowledge based tourist attractions. Find more information here >>